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A Coloured Lithograph of Parrots from 'Historie Naturelles des Perroquets'
Australia, 1989

The illustrations from which these plates were made were executed by Jacques Barraband (1767 – 1809) for Francois Levaillant’s Historie Naturelles de Perroquets, arguably the best natural history artist of the time. Levaillant’s works of arts, acclaimed by the savants of Europe, truly deserve to be regarded as ornithological landmarks. These lithographs were taken in turn from the original in the collection of Lord McAlpine of West Green.

These limited edition prints were created by Brian Chester, Sydney in association with David Attenborough and Graeme Phipps, Curator of Birds at Tarongo Zoo, Sydney.

Each framed is £485

Height 23.00inch (58.42 cm)
Width 19.00inch (48.26 cm)


Limited Edition prints

Reference - H02.16