BASILIUS BESLER (1561-1629): Lilium album

bavaria , 1561-1629

A superb original 17th century engraving from Hortus Eystettensis by Basil(ius) Besler (1561-1629)  - the florilegium of all the known plants grown in the garden of the prince bishop of Eichstatt in Bavaria. 

Hand-coloured, mounted in superb bamboo and gilt frames, with craquellure painted mounts

Depicting: Lilium album, Scapus Lily and Lilium Byzantinum

Besler was originally employed as an apothecary and botanist - at a time when herbal medicine was of huge importance. The earliest known visual records of plants were known as herbals and these were used by apothecaries.  In 1611, the bishop prince Johann Konrad von Gemmingen employed Besler to document the garden at Eichstätt. He was determined to record for posterity the spectacular garden he had created at his palace in Bavaria with plants from around the world. Ironically, the work was finished a year after the bishop's death in 1612.


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Height: 25¹/₄ in (64 cm)
Width: 21⁵/₈ in (55 cm)
64 x 55 cm (25 ¹/₄ x 21 ⁵/₈ inches)
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